Skyline Village Mobile Home Park - Skyline Village MHC - MN

Saint Paul, Minnesota 0 comments

I must say (although I know this to be a new management situation) that the people you have in charge here are the most incompetent "managers" I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

We have asked repeatedly that they address some very serious safety issues .. to no avail. They look at you when you mention these issues as "a deer in the headlights". They have no clue what management is nor do they care at all about the residents only their bottom line. I guess that says something about the company as a whole ?? I certainly hope this to be a misnomer on my part. We have been told by Sue (manager) that these issues were a result of former management and their attempt to address problems within the park and "not our problem, we did not cause them". Excuse me?

Review about: Management.

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